While along your journey from day to day, please remember to Pray for your Church Family.  Here is our current prayer list...

Remember to mention them in your Conversation with God:

Rev. Dr. N.C. Shoemake, Jr.

Jeffrey Austin

Pastor Darryl Taylor of
New Jerusalem, AME

Derick Hinton 

The Deacon Board

The City of Philadelphia

The Borough of Upper Darby

World Peace

Bethel Community Baptist Church, Inc.


Deborah Grooms

Sis. Whitney

Pastor Sidney Jefferson

First Lady Brenda Jefferson & Family

Sister Rosa Haslam

Rick & Patricia Lawrence & Family

The Napper Family from South Carolina

Sis. Suzy Turner & Sylvia Turner

Rosilyn Williamson

Rev. Stanley Alston

Troy Posey

Sister Lena Turner

Ms. Ida Courtman

The Posey Family

Rev. Arthur & Sister Thelma White

Bro. Richard Super

Bro. Jim Cuzzupe

Deacon Harry Smith's Brother

West Africa

Sis. Jackie Cooper

Bro. Jasper Crawford for salvation

Sis. Brenda Joyce

The Boyd Family

All Young People starting new jobs and attending college

Sis. Gwendolyn Walker

Uncle Tom Scott & His Mother

Lil Joe Bertsch

Sis. Candy from South Carolina

Sis.Tanya Jenkins

Bro. Pete & Sis. Tommika Balseiro

Sis. Brenda & Bro. Michael Mason

Ms. Dot Dingle

Rev. Stanley & Sis. Deborah Alston

Sis. Brenda Tull

Sis. Monique Walker & MoNiece Walker 

Sis. Vickey Scott

Min. NC Shoemake, III

Christian & His Parents

Rev. Griffin & Sis. Marie Griffin

Tracy & Family

The Yates Family

Sis. Brenda Washington

Minister Sonya Hobbs

Sis. Vanessa from Just to Serve Us Too

The Williamson Family

Sis. Theresa Hill

Sis. Sherry Taylor

The Phillips' Family

Sis. Alicia Diane

Our own Bro. Anthony

James & Kenneth Lofton

Bro. Howard Wilson

Sis. Ijahnay Scott-Robert

Dr. Levin's Wayne

Pastor & First Lady Reeves

Pastor & First Lady Darby

Sis. Marcella Dillion and her daughter Toni

Scutching Family

Bro Willie Franklin Hill

All those who request Prayer

Bro. Emmett Powell

Rev. & Sis. Hill

Bro. Willie Hellman

Sis. Kareama Posey

Sis. Tony Linton

Mother Jeanette Smith

Bro. Joseph Simpson

Rev. Colzie


Bro Zackery Shoemake

First Lady Edwards (Aiken, SC)

Sis. Lucille Pollard

Grants and Scholarships for Schools

For All God's People

Sis. Jonica Oliver

Bro. Willie Sanders

Charlie Durand (age 9)

Sis. Michele Posey-Porter

Bro. Harold L. Posey

My Brother Andre

Bro. Daniel Vaughan

My Neighbor Ms. Tony and Her Family

Sis. Michele Hall

Mrs. Victoria Scott

Mrs. Tommika Balseiro

Mr. Tung

Neighbor from Holly Cove recovering from Cancer
Mother Smith's son, Stevie

Sis. Robin and Sis Sandi

Sis TraceyBertsch (Trinity)

Christine Nolan

Bro. David Coppedge

Sis. Nicole Lewis

Sis. Tina

Bro. Benjamin Thomas

Sis. Khadijah Taylor

Sis. Donna Gooden

Bro. Richard Taylor

Sis. Patricia Taylor

Sis. Lauretta Baylor

Sis. Lisa Langley

Sis. Jaelynd Dicker


Leanne Dunkin

Mrs. Dora Dingle-Pinkney and Family


Bro. John Corbin