Bethel Community Baptist Church, Inc. (BCBC) a God Believing, Bible teaching, Christ Centered Church whose goal is to bring the Gospel to, not only our Church body but to the world. We are a young church with a zeal to assist people from diverse backgrounds.

Our mission is to advance the Kingdom of God by promoting and demonstrating Christian love, as we live and practice the sacred method worshiping our Lord & Savior Jesus the Christ. We engage in Christian guidance through public worship, the preaching of the gospel and the salvation of humanity, consistent with the covenant of the Church and the principles of the Holy Bible. It is our desire to live peacefully, decourously, honestly and truthfully, as we perform deeds of kindness and charity, setting the example of integrity. As often as opportunity presents itself,  we will present the hope and Salvation through our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.

Today, cities and communities like most of our society are characterized by a drastic decline in social capital, the ability to develop significant realtionships of trust, dependability and mutual support. Interpersonal conflicts escalates in such situations and among city children and youth such conflict can lead to isolation, poor academic performance, interpersonal manipulation and even violence.

We believe it is the responsibilty of the Church to present models of healthy relationships and assist young people in acquiring the skills to develop and maintain them. A critical component of such healthy relationships is the ability to deal with and resolve differences.

BCBC is based on simple theology. Every community has at hand resources that can be integrated into a network of critically needed services that will help these children  get back toward useful lives. We  must reach them before they fall prey to ungodly influences.